Tuesday, October 20, 2020

South Region Headlines

Elder Rahkel Henry Talks Faith And Trans Identity: ‘God Was Clear About Who I Would Be’

Article From: The Reckoning Magazine

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“You know who I am and you know what I am here for. Turn up for Jesus and turn down for nothing!” Those who follow Elder Rahkel Henry, 44, on social media are familiar with this call to action that serves as the intro to several Facebook videos posted by the Atlantic City, New Jersey native to inspire her followers. During a recent conversation she confessed, “I know I’m real talkative, I can’t help it.” This is true, but what Henry doesn’t mention is that when she speaks, she always has a WORD that compels people of faith or no faith at all to sit up and listen, which as an African-American woman of trans experience in ministry, is a feat of epic proportions. 

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Something Fresh

" Can you Hear the Wind blowing in your ear, or the Raindrops looking so clear. Can you Hear your Spirit speaking to your Heart, reminding you each day to Trust your Inner thoughts." Prophet IC

Today as you carry on with your Life       -- "Stop" "Breath" "Listen".

Rev. Jordan Feels the Sting of Racism

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Saturday, May 30, was for Rev. Ray Jordan a day that he will not easily forget. He and his children were attending a rally in Dallas, TX sponsored by the Next Generation Action Network. The rally was in protest of police brutality as seen in the video of the murder of George Floyd. In spite of what was a peaceful protest, participants were escorted by police in a march that lead to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Once they arrived...


TFAM News from Headquarters

Finding God on the Edges

One minister preaches radical inclusivity to spread the message that all are acceptable to God

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"One of the things that same-gender-loving people sometimes don’t fully realize is that when we come out publicly, we force our parents out too. They have to deal with their own community, and they’re often blamed. What did she do that caused both of her children to be gay?"

Bishop Yvette A. Flunder tells her story to Unity Magazine.

It is with Heavy Hearts

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It is with heavy hearts that we, the TransSaints Ministry of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries (TFAM), release this statement regarding the tragic death of Tony McDade, a Black man of trans-experience, at the hands of Florida police on May 27, 2020.


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Living Faith Covenant Church (Dallas, TX)

Evangelist Marvin T. Roberts & Bishop Alex D. Byrd, Co-Pastors

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The longest existing open and affirming predominately African American church  in the state of Texas, LFCC assists seekers in developing a personal and intimate relationship with God. We focus not only on the salvation of the individual, but also the salvation of the community through social services and social justice ministries.

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