Friday, November 26, 2021

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Living Faith Covenant Church (Dallas, TX)

Living Faith Covenant Church (Dallas, TX)

Evangelist Marvin T. Roberts & Bishop Alex D. Byrd, Co-Pastors


Living Faith Covenant Church is a radically inclusive, trans-traditional, new thinking and progressive church.


To assist seekers in developing a personal and intimate relationship with God through Christ Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit.


As faithful stewards and valiant warriors, the members of Living Faith Covenant Church shall develop an environment where health and empowerment are possible and enjoyed by all. By activating our faith in God through Jesus Christ, we shall move forward to affect positive change in the world in which we live.

Contact Information:

3403 Shelley Blvd, Dallas, TX 75211
972-546-0546 Office
214-467-5416 Prayer Line Email


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Pastor Marvin Roberts

Pastor Marvin RobertsPastor Marvin Roberts

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