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Rev. Jordan Feels the Sting of Racism
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Rev. Jordan Feels the Sting of Racism

Saturday, May 30, was for Rev. Ray Jordan a day that he will not easily forget. He and his children were attending a rally in Dallas, TX sponsored by the Next Generation Action Network. The rally was in protest of police brutality as seen in the video of the murder of George Floyd. In spite of what was a peaceful protest, participants were escorted by police in a march that lead to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Once they arrived, police and state troopers closed both sides of the bridge so that the marchers could not leave. Then a cocktail of smoke bombs, tear gas, load noises and rubber bullets were released upon the marchers. Rev. Jordan was in that crowd and felt, quite literally, the sting of the rubber bullets.

"We had nowhere to go," Jordan recalled. After being asked to speak at the rally, "we were going to our car to leave but were told that the police had instructions from the 'higher ups' to not let anybody out of the parking lot. Because of that, we decided to go ahead and participate in the march." This decision put Jordan and his family right in the line of fire.

Once the smoke died down, the officers placed the marchers in zip-tie handcuffed. "They separated me from my daughter in the separation of the men from the women but thank God I was not separated from my son." Jordan said that because he was there with a minor, he was allowed to leave with his children without being arrested. Many of the other marchers were not so privileged.

"The South Region is in a unique position because much of the racial discrimination and civil rights battles were fought in the areas the we cover," Jordan said. We have the divine opportunity to be a spiritual voice in the heat of this new civil rights movement and the movement for racial equity. What will we do with this opportunity? Quoting Rom Emanuel, Jordan encourages us, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." We have numerous crises in the South Region to choose from. Let's take this moment seriously. The people need to hear, not only the comforting words of the Spirit, but also the wrenching cries of Jesus for justice in the earth.

Bishop Byrd is currently looking for someone from our region to lead the charge for strategic actions from our region against racial supremacy and injustice systems that support it. Those interested should express their interest by email to

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